vineri, 28 iunie 2013

I'll pick you up when you're getting down.

Fallen Angel Suit Jacket
Mr Long Sleeved Shirt
Fallen Angel Slim Fit Pants
Fallen Angel Pointed Creepers
Bonjour Bizou Gangster Glam Hat
Mr zac tie
RIO knuckle belt
Fudge socks

miercuri, 26 iunie 2013

vineri, 21 iunie 2013

I want you just exactly like I used to and baby this is only bringing me down

Mr. block letter hoodie
Tingeling collared shirt
Fallen Angel slim fit pants
MissXV Niko boots
Mr. safari bag
Bonjour Bizou gangster glam hat

Curent mood: Kings of Leon - I want you

And the end comes too soon like dreaming of angels

Dkny Loose Stripe Tank
Rio wild bikini top
Fallen Angel Hot buys lace up leggins
Nelly spike flats
Bonjour Bizou gangster hat
Decades classick black handbag

joi, 13 iunie 2013